Australian. Post-grad. Vegan. Cellist. Equestrian. Baker. Blogger. Tea drinker.

The Mentalist. Hannibal. Orphan Black. Veep. Castle.

Idina Menzel. Chelsea Handler. Robin Tunney. Lee Pace. Richard Armitage. Sandra Bullock. Stana Katic.

I like stuff, and I swear a lot.

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Stana Katic + Castle improvisation

Stana Katic attends the FOXLife Greece Party (x)


Stana Katic - Tsilos Akis photoshoot, Greece, summer 2014


@mantzourakis: “Just had great week with #stanakatic in Athens#foxtvgreece #Stana_katic thanks for all & above all for being a great person” (x)